I charge straight at the monster,
My sword is in my hand.
My noble horse beneath me,
We race across the sand.

It came to crush my city,
so now I’ll kill it dead.
I know it won’t be easy,
But I’ll remove its head.

It may block out the sunlight,
With skin as hard as stone,
It’s probably immortal,
And I face it alone.

But all that doesn’t matter,
My heart with courage sings.
I’m wearing sparkly armour,
I’m related to kings.

I’m really very handsome,
As charming as you’d wish –
And now it’s right before me.
I raise my blade and


This poem was inspired by this image and this prompt on Reddit. I wasn’t able to track down the image’s artist – Google only finds countless lists of big monsters on Buzzfeed-esque sites, and the signature (“Daryl”) didn’t shed any more light. Should anyone know who it is, I’d be very grateful for the information.

EDIT: I have now been informed that the artist is Daniel Ljunggren.

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