Natural Imagery

If I am a rhinoceros, then you
Are my attendant hedgehog,
Whispering advice into my speaking horn.

If I am a squid, then you
Are my seconded armadillo,
Acting as a diving weight so I can reach the deepest oceans.

If I am a moose, then you
Are my deputy puffer-fish,
Helping me spike the juiciest berries from the highest trees.

If I am a penguin, then you
Are my assigned manta ray,
Extending my wingspan so I can soar.

I don’t know if those creatures
Do any of that stuff;
I float, you keep me grounded
And that is quite enough.

This is one of my few heartfelt, albeit ridiculous, poems. It’s also one of my only attempts at free verse – I’m generally much more comfortable with a stricter meter. For RLM.

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