Embassy to the Pygmies

I will slay for you a dragon,
Should you ever wish one dead,
And if you should request it,
I will fetch the Gorgon’s head.

I will brave the seventh circle,
And defy the lords of Hell,
I will trick a triple guardian,
And free souls from there as well.

I will race against steam engines,
And lay mile on mile of rail,
I will gnaw the roots of mountains,
I will catch your great white whale.

I will sing the stones from slumber,
And the river from its bed;
I will bring you golden apples,
And I’ll shoot them off your head.

Should your eyes covet another,
I’ll bring you the god’s green eye.
And should they wish more sparkle
I will steal stars from the sky.

I will wander in the desert,
I will preach to these dry bones;
I will raise the rock above me,
I will pull swords out of stones.

Give me any task you think of,
Never count the risk I’ll run;
No matter cost or danger:
If you wish it, it is done.


If I must be consistently

And Optimistic

Then that might be beyond me.


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