This is not one of those too noisy rooms,
Where students squawk and warble all day long.
Instead, it has the affect of a tomb,
Pens’ sullen scrape the only kind of song. Continue reading “Invigilation”



Do you sit in your home, with friends or alone,
And think that your chairs are not great?
Are they threadbare and crude? Have the legs all been chewed?
In short, are your seats in a state? Continue reading “Pew”

Glory to Them – Anderson M. Scruggs

“A hush of reverence for that vast dead
Who gave us beauty for a crust of bread.”

I came across this quotation, mis-attributed, in an essay, and found it rather compelling. Tracking down the source, however, proved to be surprisingly difficult. The attribution didn’t help, of course, sending me looking for a poet who didn’t exist, but mostly the problem was that this poem, and its poet, are both rather obscure. Continue reading “Glory to Them – Anderson M. Scruggs”


O Manticore, Romanticore,
Most cruel in ev’ry part!
Yet though thou art a barb’rous beast
I give to thee my heart.

Your pelt is rough and tawny fur –
A dreadful knotted hide
Still ‘neath that harsh and bristled fleece.
I sense a softer side. Continue reading “Romanticore”

Embassy to the Pygmies

I will slay for you a dragon,
Should you ever wish one dead,
And if you should request it,
I will fetch the Gorgon’s head. Continue reading “Embassy to the Pygmies”

Natural Imagery

If I am a rhinoceros, then you
Are my attendant hedgehog,
Whispering advice into my speaking horn.

If I am a squid, then you
Are my seconded armadillo,
Acting as a diving weight so I can reach the deepest oceans. Continue reading “Natural Imagery”


I charge straight at the monster,
My sword is in my hand.
My noble horse beneath me,
We race across the sand. Continue reading “Hero”