The Death of Stalin (Review)

The Death of Stalin (2017)Do you remember the first time you watched Jaws, and you were really hyped up, but it was kind of disappointing? And you complained about the corny acting and the special effects and someone said, hey, you’ve missed the point?

And then you watched it again, and this time you got it, because you knew the secret: Jaws is not a film about sharks. Jaws is a film about fear.

That magical moment has never happened for me. I think Jaws is a terrible, boring film, and I always will. But I mention it now because The Death of Stalin is not about Stalin. Or sharks.

It’s about fear. Continue reading “The Death of Stalin (Review)”


The Hundredth(ish) Post

This isn’t my hundredth post. It was meant to be, but then I got distracted and scheduled things carelessly, so it is my hundredth and fifth post. I thought, given that the one hundredth post is something of a milestone, I would take the opportunity to talk briefly about the blog itself, what I’ve done with it, and what I intend to do. Continue reading “The Hundredth(ish) Post”

Statement of Intent

I don’t have incredibly high expectations of this blog – I don’t particularly want fame or fortune, and (conveniently) neither of those is likely to occur. I don’t want to touch hearts, or save lives, or speak truth to power. All of those might be nice, but they are inessential.

What I do want is to use words again, to create something, even if it is meaningless, and trite, and a petty duplication of every other, better blog. It is an entirely selfish goal.

Ostensibly, everything I do every day is focused on words, but you would be amazed by how rarely I actually get to do anything interesting with them. I underline in red and I underline in green. I want to use words for their own sake, to discuss (hopefully) interesting ideas, to do something with them that isn’t correcting other people.

As such, I intend to use this space to write about things; primarily books, and occasionally drivel. Hopefully, anyone who stumbles across it will not find it too tedious.