This is a collection of my short fiction. The stories fall into various genres, most commonly horror, fantasy, and science fiction.

I’m always interested to hear what people think of my writing, and very grateful for feedback of any kind.

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On the extreme off-chance that you read all of these and want more, there is a collection of other stories here.

Inspiration – a perfect replica

The Artist – a horrifying ability

Paint – a splash of colour in a grey world

Today and Every Day – it’s always a good day

Bargaining – a journey to the underworld

Pledge of Allegiance – re-colonisation

A Good Neighbourhood – everyone knows Mr. Jacobs

Into the Dark – the shadows gather

Purity – we must cleanse our sin

The Shifting Sands – dreaming of oceans

Thorns – she was always different

Kiss-cam – a modern day Cupid

Hunger – I’m not a monster

The Perils of Democracy – non-human persons

The Last Line of Defence – an old man with a battered sword

A Mother’s Love – the ultimate sacrifice

Burning – magic requires energy

Scrabble – choosing words carefully

Rock, Paper, Scissors – stranded on the moon

In the Beginning – I am

The Lich Queen – the first thing you notice is that she’s beautiful

The Ward – no one ever leaves

Professional Courtesy – the first time was a shock

Recruitment – replenishing the heavenly host

Heritage – receiving a legacy

Wisps – we are the dead

To Boldly Go – the first mission to Mars