A Fistful of Evil – Rebecca Chastain (Review)

A Fistful of EvilMadison Fox has always been able to see auras. She just never thought it was a particularly useful skill. It’s not until she starts a new job that she realises she can do more than see – she can manipulate lux lucis, the light that suffuses all life. With that ability comes a responsibility – she must defend against imps, demons, and all other evil things. Continue reading “A Fistful of Evil – Rebecca Chastain (Review)”

Into the Dark

We have a good response time. Really good, in fact. We can be on the road within five minutes after getting the call, and can reach anywhere in the county within half an hour. Average response time is only fifteen minutes. There aren’t many teams, anywhere in the country, who can say that.

It’s still not enough. Fifteen minutes, for a kid trapped with one of them, is a long time. We get there fast, but rarely fast enough. Continue reading “Into the Dark”

Revival (Review)

Revival ComicMy view of Revival is coloured, unfortunately, by what I thought it was before reading it. Based on a single sentence blurb and the cover, I assumed that this was a book about an absent death and a human replacement – the sort of story that I am all about. This was not an accurate assumption.

That’s not a mark against it – stories are allowed to be other than I first assume. Further, I’ve only read Volume One so far, and it is possible that the idea (heavily suggested by the cover) will come through. It just means that my criticisms in this instance should be seen through a lens of slight disappointment.  Continue reading “Revival (Review)”

Daybreakers (2010) – Review

daybreakers_posterI didn’t intend to watch Daybreakers. I was looking for a slasher film I hadn’t seen before, and found this film instead. It looked like a schlocky vampire film, and I thought that would scratch the same itch.

That’s not what Daybreakers is. Rather than being a fun, campy b-movie in the vein of Van Helsing or UnderworldDaybreakers is a surprisingly complex and polished film.

The film takes place in a world run by and for vampires. All houses and cars are fitted with shutters against the sunlight; walkways and tunnels connect all the buildings. Unturned humans are an increasingly small, hunted minority. When they are caught, they are farmed for their blood. Continue reading “Daybreakers (2010) – Review”

Witchfinder (Review)

WitchfinderContinuing my practice of reading Hellboy-related things without Hellboy in them, I was given Witchfinder. Or, to give it its full title, Witchfinder Volume 1: In the service of angels. Continue reading “Witchfinder (Review)”

Preacher – Book One (Review)

Preacher I was quite excited to read Preacher. It came very highly recommended, which is a good start, but it also sounded interestingly original.

The heavenly throne is empty; God has wandered off. Angels see to the day-to-day running of heaven, but the rest of creation has to make do without a deity.  Continue reading “Preacher – Book One (Review)”

Dracula Untold (Review)

Dracula Untold

Dracula Untold is an interesting combination of two genres – it’s a vampire film, but one with all the tropes and trappings of a superhero origin story.

Instead of focusing on the traditional Dracula story, with Harkers and Carfax and Whitby, the film focuses on Dracula as a human, and his transformation into a creature of the night.

The trailer is below.
Continue reading “Dracula Untold (Review)”