Feed – Michael Bray (Review)

51+6gbKFBqLThe dive bars of Australia are filled with unlikely and unverified rumours. Rumours of an area where ships go mysteriously missing. Rumours of sunken wrecks and scattered bars of shining gold. Rumours – the most ridiculous and unbelievable of all, of a vast dark shape gliding through the water, territorial and shockingly violent.

Tyler Matthews is an alcoholic with an ex-wife and a rapidly shrinking bank account. A scarred stranger, met in yet another bar, offers him a chance at solving the third of those issues. All he has to do is retrieve a possibly-mythical fortune while avoiding an almost-certainly mythical prehistoric shark.

Feed is a story of treasure hunting, redemption, and man-eating marine fauna. It’s also a story about cannibalism, desperation, and exactly how far people will go to survive.
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Beneath – Kristi DeMeester (Review)


There’s a village in rural Appalachia where the people’s faith is strong. They speak in tongues, and handle venomous snakes without fear. If their hearts are pure, they will not be harmed.

Cora Mayburn is a reporter sent to interview the village’s charismatic preacher. Her editor hopes for a juicy story of gullible hicks engaged in bizarre rites, and Cora just wants to finish the job and get back to the city as soon as possible. But she soon discovers that the story is about much more than just credulous zealots. Continue reading “Beneath – Kristi DeMeester (Review)”

The Seer of Possibilities – Thomas O. (Review)

41zIUKyWWdLThe Seer of Possibilities and other Disturbing Tales is a collection of short horror stories. All the stories are independent, although there are some hints that suggest a shared universe for some of them.

A young boy gets his Christmas wish. A surveying expedition to a new world has personnel problems. A young artist is taught how to reach her full potential. Those are some of the ideas inside the collection.  Continue reading “The Seer of Possibilities – Thomas O. (Review)”

Who Goes there ? – John W. Campbell (Review)

51Qyo6lkqhLJohn Carpenter’s The Thing (1982) is one of the greatest horror films ever made. It’s a masterpiece of suspense and tension, demonstrating – point by point – the key ingredients of horror. In addition, the skilled use of practical special effects gives it a visceral kick that you very rarely find in later films. It’s brilliant, and I recommend that everyone watches it at least once.

Until recently, I didn’t know it was based on anything. I knew that there was at least one  story inspired by it – Peter Watt’s The Things – but I didn’t know that the film itself was based on a short story. That story is John W. Campbell’s Who Goes There? Continue reading “Who Goes there ? – John W. Campbell (Review)”

A Passport to a Nation of Talking Slugs – Andrew Kozma (Review)


The full title of this book is A Passport to a Nation of Talking Slugs and Other Stories, but that seemed like too long a title for this blog post. There are four stories in total, and they are all independent, very different in settings and ideas.

A lonely tourist visits a city built by giant slugs. A prisoner contemplates the different kinds of possible escape. A man waits to be asked a question. People search for each other in a world of possibilities.

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Lesbian Zombies from Outer Space (Review)

Cover-1“Trust me – it’s not porn.”

That’s a line – the most memorable line – from a review request I received. It’s not a common line in review requests; off-hand, I can’t think of anything I’ve reviewed, or even read, that the author felt needed the same disclaimer. Given the title, and the cover, and the concept, and the characters though, I do understand.

After a glowing green meteor crashes down into the woods outside of town, lesbian zombies start seducing women and devouring men. I know that sounds ridiculous. It’s up to a lesbian-obsessed loser and a practical lesbian (not a zombie one) to save the day. I know that sounds ridiculous as well.
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Mashed: The Culinary Delights of Twisted Erotic Horror (Review)

MASHED-Vol1-Cover-MedWebThe best horror, I always find, is concerned with things we aren’t normally afraid of – things that we view positively. Unpleasant things are already unpleasant, and therefore difficult to mine for fear. It’s much more effective, albeit harder, to take things we want and make them terrifying – to take the familiar and expose a darker side.

Food and sex are relatively universal human desires. Things we want and enjoy. Mashed is  an anthology of stories linking those two positives to horror – turning what people most want into nightmares. Instant mashed potato, kitchen renovations, animal rescue – these are some of the starting points for a group of stories that are by turns violent, disturbing, satisfying and sometimes even funny.  Continue reading “Mashed: The Culinary Delights of Twisted Erotic Horror (Review)”