Tough Travels – Assassins

Tough TravellingEvery month, Fantasy Faction runs a feature where they seek out examples of fantasy tropes. Other bloggers are welcome to join in, finding their own books to match the given topic. This week’s topic is assassins:

Assassins are ubiquitous throughout fantasyland. Sharp-eyed readers (or even dull-eyed ones) will notice that their hooded forms often adorn book covers, and that they frequently appear – rather improbably – not to mind being the sole focus of our attention. Whether they’re spotlight hogs or camera-shy and brooding, most assassins will have trained for years and are very, VERY good at their job (i.e. killing people for money).

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Shades of Magic – V. E. Schwab (Review)

ADSOMI initially intended to review just the first book of this series – A Darker Shade of Magic – but I got caught up in the story and read the rest of the trilogy without a pause. that makes it difficult to fairly review one book, so this review is going to focus on the series as a whole.

There is more than one London. A city of the same name occupies the same place in several different worlds, and those who have the right magic can pass between them. There’s a grey, Georgian London with no magic, and a red London where magic is everywhere. There’s a white London where magic is hoarded and hunted, and a black London where no one goes any more. Continue reading “Shades of Magic – V. E. Schwab (Review)”

Bound – Alan Baxter (Review)

bound-cover-largeAlex Caine is a fighter with an edge – he can see what his opponents will do before they do it. He doesn’t question this much – it is the way things have always been, and it helps him to win.

It’s only when he angers a mob boss and meets a mysterious and rather pushy Englishman that Alex starts to explores his abilities more deeply. His limited pre-cognition is just one manifestation of his mostly-untapped magical potential. Continue reading “Bound – Alan Baxter (Review)”

A Fistful of Evil – Rebecca Chastain (Review)

A Fistful of EvilMadison Fox has always been able to see auras. She just never thought it was a particularly useful skill. It’s not until she starts a new job that she realises she can do more than see – she can manipulate lux lucis, the light that suffuses all life. With that ability comes a responsibility – she must defend against imps, demons, and all other evil things. Continue reading “A Fistful of Evil – Rebecca Chastain (Review)”

Into the Dark

We have a good response time. Really good, in fact. We can be on the road within five minutes after getting the call, and can reach anywhere in the county within half an hour. Average response time is only fifteen minutes. There aren’t many teams, anywhere in the country, who can say that.

It’s still not enough. Fifteen minutes, for a kid trapped with one of them, is a long time. We get there fast, but rarely fast enough. Continue reading “Into the Dark”

B.P.R.D. 1946-1948 (Review)

BPRDI’ve said before that the one thing I dislike about Hellboy is Hellboy. He’s brash, crude, and vulgar; I like my paranormal investigators to have a touch of sophistication about them. Hellboy is an all-American hero in the worst way.

The B.P.R.D. (Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense) comics are therefore something I approve of. They keep the dark tone, the Gothic architecture, and the Nazi occultists that make Hellboy interesting, and dispense with Hellboy. This is the story of normal, mortal men fighting powers beyond their comprehension, dealing with horrors that do not belong in their modern world.  Continue reading “B.P.R.D. 1946-1948 (Review)”

Stone and a Hard Place – R. L. King (Review)

Stone and a Hard PlaceIn my unceasing quest for more books about modern wizards with dark pasts and complicated relationships, I came across Stone and a Hard Place. 

Alastair Stone is an occult studies professor, working in obscurity on a subject that no one really takes seriously. He’s also a wizard. Continue reading “Stone and a Hard Place – R. L. King (Review)”